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November 17

"What Happened, 
Miss Simone?"

November 18 

Bob Dorough

Al Schackman

November 19

Grace Kelly Quartet

November 16

Reggie Austin/ Lorca Hart Trio

Reggie Austin, pianist and friend of Frank Morgan, started off the Festival with a memorably groovy set at cozy, comfy Taos Inn. 


Thursday Night Movie: We treated jazz lovers to a FREE showing of the Academy Award nominated film, "What Happened Miss Simone?"-- a riveting documentary about the "HIgh Priestess of Soul" and what drove her over the edge. After the film, Al Schackman, her guitarist, musical director and close confidant for more that 40 years, took questions from the audience.

At School with Bob Dorough

It was a magical afternoon for 3rd and 4th graders at Enos Garcia School. Bob Dorough had them in the palm of his hand with his songs from Schoolhouse Rock. The faculty was completely floored by Dorough's ability to enthrall 75 children doing multiplication tables to music! Only Bob Dorough could pull this off!

Bob Dorough

Harwood Museum


Friday night, the normally somewhat reserved Harwood audience forgot their inhibitions to YELL, HOOT and WHISTLE for singer, songwriter, pianist Bob Dorough and his band, comprised of Lorca Hart on drums, Edward Harrington on bass and Al Schackman on guitar. At 92, Dorough is absolutely un-diminished and still, truly, in RARE FORM.


Joining him for one number was his daughter, Aralee Dorough (first flutist with the Houston Symphony) who charmed and seduced us with a gorgeous duet with her dad on "Flamingo" (so much so that we hope to report they've recorded a full album of like-material within the year… stay tuned.)

Another surprise… Grace Kelly joined him for a sneak preview of her marvelous musicianship. They brought the house down with Bob's great song "Devil May Care". 

Lorca Hart

Grace Kelly

Taos Mesa Brewing Company

Finally, on Saturday night, the sensational saxophonist Grace Kelly returned to astonish us at Taos Mesa Brewing Co. She keeps growing as a player and singer… and her winning ways with her audience leave no doubt that her trajectory to true stardom is basically VERTICAL

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