Meet the Taos Jazz Bebop Society

This is Taos…

a gorgeous, historic and creative town in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

We are the Taos Jazz Bebop Society…

dedicated to the proposition that JAZZ deserves to be heard here, supported here. IMPORTED here.

Our mission is to make Taos an exciting jazz music destination, worthy of the best jazz artists… to attract a vibrant new jazz audience…and to inspire young musicians to discover the joys of improvised music. 


We've been busy making this dream come true since 2014-- with performances by world-class jazz artists (check our Past Events pages), as a presenting partner organization with the New Mexico Jazz Festival, and with the hugely successful Frank Morgan Taos Jazz Festival starring Frank's protégé, Grace Kelly. It's great times for jazz lovers in Taos!

In addition, our educational outreach program continues to grow– providing exciting opportunities for students to participate in our Visiting Artists Workshops… and experience the joys of improvisation with the help of great jazz performers.


Taos Jazz Bebop Society is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.
We rely on jazz lovers like you… to attend our events in the great town of Taos. And to support us through our Membership Program… or with your generous donations and sponsorships.


We hope you will share in the joys of supporting live JAZZ with your ears, your hearts, your applause, and your dollars!


If you love jazz, SUPPORT the Taos Jazz Bebop Society right now.
Help us to make sure jazz flourishes in Northern New Mexico!

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