Here are the ways you can support the music, and the musicians, during the Covid-19 crisis


Taos Jazz Alive Fund and Memberships help to sustain the musicians we love during this prolonged shutdown.

Becoming a member of Taos Jazz Bebop Society makes you a partner in our on-going efforts to produce great jazz events in Taos– and to support the musicians who bring us the music. Ticket sales alone can't keep us going… we need YOU to join us. YOU in our audiences for every event… and YOU to spread the word about our concerts. Jazz will not survive without a live and vibrant audience! If you love the music, JOIN US NOW!

Taos Jazz Bebop Society is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.


$50/Individual      $90/Couple

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Taos Jazz Alive Fund
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All Members and Sponsors receive a 20% discount on 1 Ticket for select events… or a free drink coupon at events where we don't control ticketing. Along with our gratitude for your support!