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!VIVA PUERTO RICO!  Frankie Vasquez & NMJLO

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8:00 pm, Saturday, January 19:  National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque

New Mexico Jazz Latino Orchestra

New Mexico Jazz Latino Orchestra (NMJLO) will present a two-part show featuring an opening set of straight-up Latin jazz and a second set fusing folkloric rhythms with jazz elements. This year’s performance will  also feature internationally renowned musician Frankie Vazquez, along with César Bauvallet, Doug Lawrence, Bobby Shew, Jackie Zamora and special guest Mike Williams, formerly the lead trumpeter with the legendary, 18-time Grammy®-winning Count Basie Orchestra and one of the most powerful high-note trumpet players ever. Also appearing are Ricky Carrido, Mariano Morales, Glenn Kostur, Tomas White, Chris Buckholz, Jim Ahrend, Victor Rodriguez and Andy Zadrozny.

Frankie Vasquez– Salsa in his soul 

Efrain “Frankie” Vazquez, born in Salinas, Puerto Rico, began performing with his own band at his father’s restaurant at the age of 16, as a conga player and then as a lead singer. A year later, he had played in three orchestras around Puerto Rico, and subsequently was invited to New York to perform on his first recording with Fuego 77. Currently, he has over 20 album collaborations to his credit, and has performed in Austria, India, Turkey, Panama, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Sicily, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, Santo Domingo, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Martinique, Guadeloupe, the Virgin Islands, Belgium, Holland, England, Switzerland, China, and Japan.

Albuquerque Journal Theatre

1701 4th St SW , Albuquerque, NM

Tickets: $25, $27 w/ $3 off for National Hispanic Cultural Center members

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Presented by

National Hispanic Cultural Center

Contributing Sponsors:

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