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Your gift is tax deductible.* 


Donations of $50 or more will include a 1-year Individual Membership to Taos Jazz Bebop Society.


Donations of $90 or more will include a 1-year Couples Membership.

If you prefer to mail your donation, make checks payable to Taos Jazz Bebop Society and send to:

PO Box 2044, Taos NM 87571.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP:   $50/Individual      $90/Couple

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Members will receive a 20% discount on their ticket for select events. Along with our gratitude for your support!

*Taos Jazz Bebop Society is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.


During the shutdown, thanks to donations from many generous jazz-lovers, we were able to distribute more than $20,000 to musicians sidelined by the lack of performance opportunities.

The Covid-19 shutdown brought extreme hardship to all performing musicians. No venues. No ticket sales. No live music. No income. To help sustain these players during this restrictive period, we re-allocated our working capital and sought donations to create the Taos Jazz Alive Fund. The Fund provided a small measure of financial support to the many musicians who have performed in Taos over the years. We are grateful to the many generous donors who helped us extend a hand to musicians in need.