Let's extend a hand… and our hearts… to the musicians we've enjoyed!

You can help sustain the musicians we love during this prolonged shutdown. Taos Jazz Alive Fund is now raising up to $10,000 for local Taos musicians– thanks to a Matching Grant and YOU!  

The Covid-19 shutdown has brought extreme hardship to all performing musicians. No venues. No ticket sales. No live music. No income. Clearly, this will extend far into 2021. It's a grim financial picture for musicians. 


To help sustain these players through the shutdown, we have created the Taos Jazz Alive Fund (TJA Fund.) The Fund provides a small measure of financial support to the many musicians who have performed in Taos over the years. 

$5,000 Matching Grant! The Kind World Foundation has generously offered to expand the reach of the fund beyond jazz players with a matching grant to support local Taos musicians in every musical genre. Every dollar you give will be doubled until we reach our $10,000 goal! JOIN WITH US NOW to lend a hand to these talented, accomplished local players who have brought so much great music to Taos.

Taos Jazz Alive Fund

Donate any amount you can afford! Every dollar you give will be doubled! Please be generous! Your donation will help to sustain the musicians who have performed in Taos over the years. Your gift is tax deductible.* 


Donations of $50 or more will include a FREE 1-year Individual Membership to Taos Jazz Bebop Society.


Donations of $90 or more will include a FREE 1-year Couples Membership.

To pay by check, make it payable to Taos Jazz Bebop Society, PO Box 2044, Taos NM 87571. With a check of $200, you may specify any artist you would like to receive the donation. We will honor your request. 


$50/Individual      $90/Couple

Your membership dollars go directly to the Taos Jazz Alive Fund for musicians.


When concerts resume, all Members will receive a 20% discount on 1 Ticket for select events… or a free drink coupon at events where we don't control ticketing. Along with our gratitude for your support!

*Taos Jazz Bebop Society is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.